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SDOT paving and safety improvements on 35th Ave NE for all who travel on this vital corridor


While Seattle is considered one of the safest cities in the country, we can always do better, especially as SDOT moves forward on much-needed pavement projects.


35th Ave NE is an arterial serving Northeast Seattle and approximately 12,500 drivers on an average day, connecting the Ravenna-Bryant and Wedgwood neighborhoods. It’s also a transit route with service connecting northeast Seattle to the U District, Link light rail, and downtown Seattle, and designated for a protected bike lane in the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan.


Traffic data shows the need for safety improvements along the corridor. Vehicle speeds of 31 MPH (85th percentile for speed), and 113 collisions occurred in 5 years.


Similar safety improvements on NE 75th St, implemented in 2013, show a 45-percent reduction in crashes and zero collisions involving pedestrians. In addition, the number of drivers exceeding the speed limit by 10-MPH or more declined by 80 percent.


With this need for safety improvements, since the summer of 2016, we has shared street design concepts with the community. Through community feedback, we heard that people would like to take transit, walk, and bike and there was strong support to improve safety. By early summer 2018, 35th Ave NE will get a makeover between NE 89th St and NE 47th St that includes pedestrian, bike, and transit improvements, which will greatly enhance safety and balance multiple uses in the current limited roadway.


We’re moving forward on these safety improvements and maintenance upgrades to keep all drivers, transit riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe:


Repaved roadway: 

This will extend the life of the pavement, making the roadway safer and smoother for travel


Designated space for biking: 

A protected bike lane will help make biking a better option for people of all ages and abilities in northeast Seattle and contribute to establishing a citywide bike network. Bike lanes enhance the street for everyone, not just people who choose to ride bikes, by providing a safe and predictable space for biking.


Improved intersections:

We’re adding left-turn pockets for northbound and southbound traffic on 35th Ave NE at NE 75th St and NE 85th St.


More predictable parking and more options for library parking:

While parking will be consolidated to the east side of the street, peak-hour restrictions (between 4 – 6 PM) will be removed to make parking more predictable for residents and visitors. Two-hour parking limits will be added to the south side of NE 68thSt to create more options for library parking.


Improved speed and reliability for people riding transit:

We’re working with King County Metro to consolidate stops to improve speed and reliability, particularly on Route 65.


Upgraded crosswalks and sidewalks:

We’re adding a rapid flash beacon at the existing NE 80th crosswalk and upgrading the crosswalk beacons at NE 68th St. In select locations, we’re upgrading curb ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and repairing sidewalks.


We’re confident these improvements along 35th Ave NE will greatly increase the safety of all who travel the corridor while delivering essential services that all Seattle residents and taxpayers deserve.


Check out our Current Paving Projects for more information about these and other current paving projects.