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TAKE A HIKE | NEW Transit to Trail Bus Service to Mount Si!

Bad case of FOMO.

We saw our shadow this morning and you know what that means? That big, bright and shiny glorious ball of flame in the sky☀ is happy and shining! Like most Pacific Northwesterners, when the sun is out, we get a bad case of #FOMO (fear of missing out) and head outside because 1. we love sunshine and 2. we don’t want to feel guilty for staying inside on a nice day.


NEW Transit to Trails service.

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While a lot of us head out to our favorite local outdoor destination, some of us seek quieter places off the beaten path for fresh(er) air and a space less crowded. If you’re like the latter, grab your transit fare (ORCA card, cash, mobile ticket, or transfer), daypack, and boots (there’s room for your bike too!) and try out our new transit to trails Trailhead Direct bus service!

Trailhead Direct is a seasonal service that operates only on weekends and select holidays. Now till October (weather dependent), you can take a Metro bus to 3 trailheads – a direct route and endless adventures to:


??? The Issaquah Alps 

(Launched April 21)

Catch the bus at the Mount Baker Transit Center. Service is every 30 minutes.  SEE SERVICE SCHEDULE & MAP.

??? Mount Si

(Service launches May 19)

Catch the bus at Sound Transit’s Capitol Hill Link light rail station to Mount Si and Mount Teneriffe. There will also be stops for customers in downtown Seattle and at the Eastgate and North Bend park-and-rides. SEE SERVICE SCHEDULE & MAP.

??? Mailbox Peak

(Service launches June 16)

Beginning June 16, you’ll be able to board a Trailhead Direct transit van at a free satellite parking lot in North Bend to the Mailbox Peak trailhead.


For the 2018 hiking season, Trailhead Direct is expanding by providing transit van service from South Seattle and Capitol Hill to hiking destinations along the I-90 corridor.


A Hike Back – The Backstory.

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We’ve partnered with King County Metro bus service through the Seattle Transportation Benefit District STBD Regional Partnership program (In 2014, Seattle voters approved Proposition 1 to fund the purchase of increased Metro service and additional transit programs for Seattle residents.) to bring to you a new transit to trails bus service. We’re proud to work as a funding partner with Metro to provide increases mobility to attractions in the Seattle region, ease vehicle congestion, reduce safety hazards, and expand access to hiking destinations along I-90.


The City has invested in 64 Seattle routes to improve reliability and/or to address overcrowding. Funding Trailhead Direct builds upon our investments in the Seattle transit network where we’ve been able to improve frequency or reliability on 64 other routes. This program is an opportunity to provide better access for more people to the outdoors. While trail destinations vary in accessibility, Trailhead Direct vehicles are wheelchair accessible so all are welcome!



“We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and Trailhead Direct makes it easier for all our residents and visitors to access our incredible outdoors using transit. Trailhead Direct builds on our investments in the Seattle transit network, where we’ve improved the frequency or reliability on 64 other routes. We are excited about this innovative public-private partnership that is creating new opportunities for all who call Seattle home to get outside and explore our mountains.” – Mayor Jenny Durkan


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Thanks to Seattle voters, we’re able to directly purchase transit service for Seattle, providing mobility options to explore the Seattle area. Here’re a few shots from our launch of Trailhead Direct from Mt. Baker to Issaquah Alps last Saturday, April 21.




Trailhead Direct Resources:

About | Routes | Issaquah Alps | Fares | FAQs | Partners



Metro Customer Service: 206-553-3000

Open 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  – for trip planning and lost & found calls.

Open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – for fare/pass information and customer comments.

Closed on weekend and holidays.


Feature boot image credit: Image | Steve Johnson via