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Your GREEN City on parking.

Parking | it’s a limited high-demand resource in Seattle.

We only have so many streets and parking spaces. So we approach parking to balance competing needs for transit, customers, residents, freight, and rideshare (to name a few) – to move people and goods, support business district vitality, and create livable neighborhoods. One other factor that your green city considers is the problem with circling for parking that increases traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.


Performance-based parking pricing.

We have a program called Performance-Based Parking Pricing that helps us set parking rates and hours of operations based on data to help ensure that you can find a space near your destination. Watch this short clip on how we set parking rates based on supply and demand. We take a data-driven approach to rate-setting. You can read more about this in our 2017 Annual Report – On-Street Paid Parking Occupancy or just watch the clip. ?


Paid Parking Map

Sometimes you just need to get there by car. So why not do it on the cheap, get a few steps in on your pedometer, and do your part for a greener Seattle at the same time? You can do so by planning ahead and mapping out where you’d like to park. This might mean parking a few blocks away from your destination where it’s cheaper. We also have a page for our real-time downtown parking garage information system called e-Park – just for another parking option to check before you head out the door.

We’re going to have some magical weather☀? this week so the universe is saying you can start using these tools now!


Step 1: Start by bookmarking our paid parking map!

Peek at the map before you head out to see where the best place to park. This might mean parking a few blocks away for a few dollars less and walk to your destination.


Step 2: Get familiar with the paid parking map.

To see parking rates based on the time of day and your location, click on the tabs that say Morning Rates | Midday Rates | Evening Rates. Zoom in on the map to locate pay stations and see the pay by phone code so you can use the PayByPhone app for your parking.


A better way to park.

Image by PayByPhone via

The PayByPhone app is a super convenient way to pay for parking. It’s a better way to park!

  • No cash required! If you’ve got a phone, you’re all set.
  • No watching the clock anymore. You’ll get text reminders before your time is up.
  • Extend your parking to buy yourself more time (if time allows)!

Visit PayByPhone to see how it all works. To download PayByPhone, visit your app store

Curious about parking in general? Visit our parking page.



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