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July 4th | Free Parking, Fireworks List, & Safety!

Image by Pexels |

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Here are three things you need to know!


1. Free parking, tomorrow!

Woo-yea, that’s right folks! Not only do you get free on-street parking on the 4th of July holiday, our offices will be closed. WE. WILL. MISS. YOU. Buuut, we’ll be right back on Thursday!


2. We’ve got the sparkly list!

Photo by Seattle Department of Neighborhoods |


We’ve got THE LIST of all the places you can enjoy public firework displays in the state of WA this 4th of July. So no matter where you’re heading in WA, check this out!


3. Get home safe.

As everyone gears up to watch the fireworks and, ahem, be the best version of themselves this 4th of July, we’re putting on our Vision Zero public service announcement hat with a few safety tips and reminders (these are all applicable 365 days a year, BTW).


Please plan ahead for a safe ride home.

If your plans for the 4th involve alcohol or weed, then plan ahead for a safe ride home. Options abound: Take transit. We’ve invested in more late night (aka Night Owl) bus service.

  • Hail a ride and let someone else do the driving.
  • Buddy up with a designated driver (make sure to thank them for being a solid friend).
  • If you drive, keep your car parked overnight and sober up at a friend’s place (if you’re in a paid parking on-street spot, you can pre-purchase a couple hours for the next morning).

Plus, the Seattle Police Department will be conducting DUI emphasis patrols this 4th of July holiday. So really, in addition to you likely not wanting to hurt anyone, you run the risk of getting a ticket.


Pay extra close attention.

As crowds gather at Gas Works and other public firework displays, be extra mindful. Put down your phone and pay attention. It’s against the law in WA to use a handheld phone while driving. So just put it down. Easy does it. Tuck it in the glove box, or in your bag. You’ll be okay without it for the duration of your drive. The first time is the toughest, but it gets easier to be a responsible, law-abiding driver.


If you’re out walking, make sure you see and can be seen. And we’re not saying you have to be your own little firework…

While not the law, the putting down your phone and paying attention thing is good practice for pedestrians too. Look both ways and over your shoulder when you cross the street, and make eye contact with drivers and bike riders before crossing. Regardless of how you’re traveling, look out for others and yourself.


Enjoy the show!

And make sure you’re in good enough shape to celebrate the real first day of summer here in the great PNW. July 5.