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We got your goats…

Image by Pexels.

…and they’re working for you!

The goats are back and they’re a crowd fav! They’re real animals when it comes to chomping and moving overgrowth and they love it. We’ve hired the herd, as represented by their herder, largely because most of them cannot sign contracts. Doh.


Pre-goat conditions.

Overgrowth near Western and Battery, downtown, before the goats got to work.

Intimidating vegetation overgrowth is not fit for man or beast! Actually, better suited to friendly beasts with undiscerning palates–enter, the goat! But first, all sites are evaluated to be sure they don’t contain toxic vegetation.

They also get to retire in a loving home for old goats; we should be so lucky.


Do you ‘get’ goats?

Sign near Battery & Western (downtown) explaining benefits of goat vegetation-care.

For those of you who goat-know it, take a look at the “Why Goats?” posted sign. It’s pretty funny and it notes these eco-friendly helpers are 4-hoof-drive power, many of them rescued animals, who reside on Vashon Island and work seven months of the year. They’re a loved bunch, especially by their caretaker. The herd is monitored 24/7 by goat herder and owner Tammy Dunakin, of Rent a Ruminant.


Calming goats, ruminating.

It’s said that goats are calming, and were used to keep anxious racehorses at ease before big racing events and that someone getting your goat meant you were left with frustrated equines. There’s no solid proof of this, but we do know goats are defined as hardy domesticated ruminant animals. Ruminant?


Ruminants are mammals able to get nutrients from plant-based food by fermenting it in their specialized stomach. That pre-digestion process is called foregut fermentation (good name for a band, huh?)basically chewing over and over again—really mulling things over


Clock-in Clock-out?

Resting and digesting after a hill well-eaten.

These goats keep a regular schedule. They’ll be munching near Battery St and Western Ave through tomorrow, then hoof it to Elliott Ave, between Lenora and Blanchard (under the viaduct) from July 14 through July 22. And the finale — 40th Ave N and Pasadena,  July 22 through July 30. GO GOATS! You’re baaaaaaah to the bone!