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What’s Coming Down the Pike for Transportation Equity?

Did you know that we have a Transportation Equity Program?

In 2017, we created the Transportation Equity Program to prioritize affordable transportation options and address transportation inequities in our city. Transportation is currently the second highest household cost after housing and Seattle continues to grow at a rapid pace.

We recognize that unfortunately transportation inequities are frequently experienced by communities at risk of displacement, which is why the Transportation Equity Program strives to provide safe, environmentally sustainable, accessible and affordable options that support:


  • Communities of color.
  • Low-income communities.
  • Immigrant and refugee communities.
  • People with disabilities.
  • People experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.
  • LGBTQ people
  • Women and girls.
  • Youth and seniors.


In alignment with the City of Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative goals, our Transportation Equity Program leads with a racial equity framework and we’re committed to mitigating racial disparities and effects of displacements through addressing transportation inequities.

Wider crosswalk encompassing wheelchair ramps at 5th and Jackson

One of the activities the Transportation Equity Program has supported in the past year includes low-income transit access. Through enrollment and engagement events in partnership with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, King County Metro and King County Public Health, our partnership has enabled us to increase access to the ORCA LIFT program, a reduced transit fare for income-eligible community members.

The Transportation Ambassadors Program is another activity implemented within the past year in partnership with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and four community-based organizations:



The Ambassadors Program focuses on engaging community leaders and community-based organizations working with communities of color to provide culturally relevant education on accessible and affordable transportation options.

Go SEA! Mobility Fair

Creating a Transportation Equity Committee.

Continuing to further build our community engagement work this year, we know that it isn’t possible for us to define transportation equity goals and priorities without the involvement of the community. That’s why our Transportation Equity Program will be convening a Transportation Equity Committee for the first time this fall, and we’ll be releasing an application process soon for community-based organizations, coalition, and networks to apply for a seat in the committee. Email to be notified when the application opens or check back on our Blog! Language assistance will be provided.

The one-year committee will focus on advising the development of SDOT’s Transportation Equity Agenda and committee members will have the opportunity to provide community-guided suggestion, values, and priorities regarding transportation equity.

We recognize the need for a community-centered approach to the growth of our Transportation Equity Program and we are looking forward to sharing more information soon…stay tuned!


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