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Route 8 gets some help today.

Denny Way EB this morning, Fairview to Stewart | New center transit lane.

Denny Way EB transit lane is in!

Finishing 1 day early, EB Denny Way from Fairview to Stewart now has a new center transit lane, complete with red pavement markings and signage. The project was expected to require finishing work and rolling lane closures today, but SDOT Maintenance Operations crews wrapped up early.

Diagram of new Denny Way configuration, Fairview Ave to Stewart St.


The project supports a larger effort to address the historically late King County Metro Route 8, which serves an estimated 10,000 riders per weekday. The added EB transit lane hones in on a key bottleneck, reappropriating a lesser used WB lane for better Route 8 reliability at this location, and on sections of Route 8 in Lower Queen Anne, South Lake Union, and Capitol Hill.


Besides enhanced Route 8 reliability, the change is also expected to benefit riders by:

  • Keeping more buses running on time, which in turn…
  • Reducing bus-bunching (jamming up at a bus stop);
  • Reducing wait times at important transfer locations (e.g. Capitol Hill Link); and
  • Making transit a more attractive travel option for crosstown travel in some of Seattle’s densest neighborhoods.



The new bus lane is one piece of a set of improvements intended to enhance Route 8 speed and reliability. Although the changes are not expected to completely solve the reliability problems currently experienced on Route 8, together they should offer a noticeable improvement.


Check it out yourself this afternoon!