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Supply & Demand | 2018 Annual Parking Study

The Seattle 2018 Annual Parking Study is out – helping you to play like a parking pro! Every year since 2010, the Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program assesses supply and demand, to help drivers more reliably find short-term parking.

The effort supports downtown mobility by reducing circling and cruising for an open street parking spot. Over the years, SDOT has made 300 different adjustments to parking rates and other parking elements, addressing parking demand changes as Seattle grows.


Parking use determines rates.

The Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program hones in on street blocks with more than 85% and less than 70% occupancy. Paid parking rates are then adjusted annually.

In areas and times where parking occupancy is low and spaces easy to find, rates are decreased by $0.50 an hour. Where parking occupancy is high and spaces hard to find, rates are increased by $0.50 an hour.


Goal: 1 – 2 open spaces per block.

Visit our On Street Parking Map for rate information.

The goal is 1 to 2 street parking spaces open per block, on average. Pricing helps to direct travelers to lesser used areas, and to consider the use of other travel options. This can ultimately reduce traffic congestion in areas where parking spaces are hard to find.


For details on street parking by City area, click on the map above. We also have a citywide map showing parking regulations across Seattle, to help you plan your trip.


Timing matters.

SDOT manages street parking by the time of day, with the potential for different rates in the morning, afternoon, and evening, based on local conditions.

For this latest study, combining parking areas with different times of day, there were 92 areas/time periods reviewed for changes:

  • 61 of these will have no rate changes
  • 17 will have $0.50 rate increase
  • 14 will have $0.50 rate decreases


For example, parking occupancy in the Uptown Core (aka, Lower Queen Anne) is traditionally low in the mornings and high in the evenings.

The trend continued in 2018, so we will lower the morning rate before 11 AM to $0.50/hour (down from $1.00), and increase the evening rate after 5 PM to $2.00/hour (up from $1.50).

Rate and timing changes citywide are now in progress, through the end of 2018. The next analysis is expected to begin in the spring of 2019.


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