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Squeezing in the rain. What’s a little water?

When it comes to the rain, Seattleites say,

“what rain?” 

As IF we had enough sunshine, the rain is back in the forecast for the rest of the week. #NoBigDeal riiight? For a lot of us – it’s not a big deal. But for another lot of us who are taking a new mode to get around (perhaps by feet, bike, or transit) during the #SeattleSqueeze, you might need a little encouragement and a plan – we can help with that! What’s a little water, anyway??

We’re hearing a lot of positive feedback coming in through our social spheres about people’s first commute of the #Realign99 closure. Super awesome! Buuut (oh no, not the but!), our WSDOT partners say that folks tend to lose their steam and return to their pre-closure routine and as a result = higher volumes of traffic soon follow that first couple of amazing commute days. Let Wayne Campbell tell/show you how it works: ????

If you’re one of the new proud road peddlers or pavement trekkers, here are a few tips:


Be road wise.

Allow for extra time. When the rain returns, the roadways can become all the slicker because of accumulated surface oil mixed with the first return of rain. Take it slow when walking or riding. Be road wise! Plan out your walk or bike path to where you want to go. Now might not be the best time to blaze a new unfamiliar trail. We have online maps if you care to take a gander. Our walking map is designed to help Seattle residents and visitors choose a walking route that best suits their interests and fitness level and our bike maps show where our bike facilities are like:

  • Protected bike lane
  • Bike lane/climbing lane
  • Multi-use trails
  • Neighborhood Greenways
  • Sharrows

BIKE and WALK MAP. Take a look!


Be gear wise.

Image by REI via

Plan ahead. This tip is an easy one. So you know it’s going to rain. Pack a lightweight waterproof shell for both your upper and lower body. This way, if it rains for your commute, you’re ready to go. Switchback Travel just released their top rain jackets of 2019. Also, if you have no idea where to start with rainwear, REI has a helpful writeup about rainwear basics – How to choose rainwear. Start here and slowly begin adding to your rain gear. For now, this is a good start and you don’t have to spend a fortune gearing up. Don’t forget, you can always grab cheap gear at a second-hand store.


Be safety wise.

We can’t stress it enough, no matter if you’re walking or biking, light yourself up! Being seen is key especially when it’s a double doozy like a.) being a dark winter month and b.) low visibility with rain. Help yourself to some #FREE ped/bike lights we have here at the transportation mothership (SDOT). We have both white steady lights for the front of your bike or body and red flashing ones for the back. We care about you, so get your free lights already. Contact our Vision Zero team.

Also, pretty please, if you’re planning to ride your bike or a bike share, please, pleeeease wear a helmet. Statistically, if you live in Seattle, odds are you’re one of the brightest people in America, so protect that brain!

One last thing, don’t be afraid to be #SeattleForward, make eye-contact with other fellow humans on various modes. It’s ok, look them in the eye, give them a wave, throw them the peace sign.

Whether you love it or hate it (or love to hate it?), Seattle wouldn’t be Seattle without our grey rainy days. We got this, Seattle. It’s time to #Squeeze in the rain!



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