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Here are the #SeattleSqueeze numbers you’ve been waiting for.

WSDOT Photo: View from the new SR 99 off-ramp near the stadiums.


One week down, Seattle.

We made it through our first week of the #SeattleSqueeze and the #Realign99 closure.

We’re making history and we think it’s important that you know this – that you, we, us, we’re all part of this epic Seattle transportation story. And whilst you’re sitting on the brand new Seattle waterfront in all its seaside people-watching glory, you’ll start to tell stories about the days when Seattle had a viaduct along the waterfront and how we, as a region, worked together to get through one of the longest closures of a major highway.


We’re still going!

Remember: keep up your new commutes! We still have over two weeks until the new SR 99 tunnel opens, and it is going to take everyone’s help to change your transportation habits so that we keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently during the Seattle Squeeze.


We’ve rallied. We’ve changed how we travel.

Many of us who travel to and from downtown Seattle made small to large changes that have resulted in some seriously incredible travel numbers. While many are taking to walking, biking, taking transit/ferries, and sharing rides, others who were able to worked away from their offices. All of our collective actions resulted in these fascinating numbers that we’re about to share with you.


Helping you get through this era of tough traffic are many people taking action behind the scenes. These are your City leaders and departments and partnering agencies and organizations who vigorously planned, anticipated, and are working together to create a unified transportation system that gets you where you need to go safely and efficiently at all times. As you read this, there are countless men and women working around the clock – many even while you sleep – to make sure the transportation system is moving.

Now, here are the stats.

What you’ve been waiting for: here are the latest transportation stats from the first week of the #SeattleSqueeze.



Seattle Department of Transportation



The following bike counts reflect Saturday, January 12 to Wednesday, January 16. We took a look at our numbers from this time last year in 2018 and compared them to our numbers for 2019, and we’ve seen ridership numbers increase across the board! Please note that we are comparing this year’s Monday to last year’s Monday, which fell on Martin Luther King Jr Day, a major national holiday.

2nd Avenue 

2nd Ave


Fremont Bridge  

Fremont Bridge

Spokane Street Bridge

Spokane St Bridge

Thanks to everyone who is choosing to commute by bike during the #Realign99 closure. Keep it up!

Read our blog post about biking during the SR 99 closure here!


Bike share is a popular option during the SR 99 closure!

Jump has expanded to over 800 available bikes as of today! Since launching in November 2018, they’ve seen an increase in weekly ridership, with over 2,600 rides during their first week of service and over 3,000 rides in the first week of January. Jump has expanded to cover all of West Seattle and South Seattle, and it is waiving the $1 unlock fee between January 11 and February 15.

Lime is expanding as well – they had over 4,500 bikes available as of today! Lime continues to cover all of Seattle and, starting January 9, has been offering $1 off all rides beginning in West Seattle with the promo code PMCLIME.



Curious about what City employees are doing to squeeeeeeze? Our City leaders are leading the way by creating alternative work guidelines and a telecommuting pilot for employees during the #Realign99 closure.

Over 56 percent of City employees and about 80 percent of our team who are located downtown have logged into MyTrips, the City’s commute tracking software. 15 percent of all employees are recording trips to the MyTrips Commute Calendar in January, up from 11 percent in November – December 2018. We’re working hard, just like you, to shift our commutes to keep traffic moving downtown!



WA State Department of Transportation

Read WSDOT’s Blog on their Alaskan Way Viaduct project website for the latest updates on the #Realign99 closure.

Follow WSDOT on Facebook and Twitter for the latest construction news!



King County Metro

Read King County Metro’s Blog, Metro Matters, for the latest updates on ridership numbers on King County Metro buses, water taxi, and carpool/vanpool users.

You can also follow King Country Metro on Facebook and Twitter!



Sound Transit


Read Sound Transit’s Blog, The Platform, for the latest updates on ridership numbers on Sound Transit buses, Link Light Rail, and Sounder Trains.

You can also follow Sound Transit on Facebook and Twitter!



Community Transit

Read Community Transit’s News Releases for the latest updates on ridership numbers on Snohomish County transit.

You can also follow Community Transit on Twitter or on their Community Transit Blog!


Want more info?

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