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Sooo,. . .This may look cool, but it’s not.

There’s one word to describe why one may see a “Street Closed” sign posted on a random hilly Seattle street.




Our crews aren’t the only ones out there working hard to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. The very fine women and men of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) are also out securing snow and ice ridden roads that could potentially pose increased safety hazards to drivers and those of us on foot taking in the snowy Seattle scene.


I mean, sure, it may be tempting to throw caution to the wind and do this:

A group enjoying a little SPD street closure sledding.

And heck, if there isn’t a soul around, one may also be tempted to puff, puff pass the SPD street closure sign . . .

A driver, puff, puff passing a prominently placed street closure sign.


A driver doing figure-8 donuts in a parking lot.

No matter the situation, just say no to breaking Section 11.20.380 of the Seattle Municipal Code, which states “No person shall disobey the applicable instructions of any official traffic-control device unless otherwise directed by a peace officer.” Cause who wants to be a lawbreaker?


RESIST the temptation to do this.

And for those passers-by who happen upon a closure sign that’s misplaced, knocked over or just plain old missing, please, call non-emergency dispatch at 206-625-5011 to report. SPD will take care of it.


Remember safety first.

If really want to have some fun in the snow, help your neighbors particularly seniors and friends and neighbors with mobility challenges by clearing walkways and sidewalks.