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Snow + Ice Response: Clearing the way for people biking.

We need your help Seattle – today’s weather is shifting and we’re anticipating rain/snow mix that will create a slushy mess for our streets. Please help clear your neighborhood storm drains to prevent flooding. Thank you!

Winter is here – and we’re working hard to keep you moving.

As part of our snow and ice response, our crews have been working hard to ensure that critical streets remain clear. We’re also so thankful for all of you who have been working hard to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear, and we’re working to take care of those sidewalks on bridges, curb ramps downtown, and other locations to keep people moving safely.


Track plowing progress.

Screen shot of SDOT interactive Storm Response Map.

Keep tabs on which streets have been treated and when using our Storm Response Map.

Reminder: you can track plowing progress at our interactive Storm Response Map. It shows the roads that our crews have serviced within the last hour and the last 3 hours, as well as reported obstacles that we’re responding to.


But that’s not all … SDOT crews are treating bike lanes, too!

Streets and sidewalks aren’t the only locations we’re working to clear. For those who have been braving our winter weather on bike, we salute you – and we’re committed to treating bike lanes so that you can ride safely!

How do we do it?

We have special equipment (called skid-steers, or skid loaders or “bobcats”) to plow protected bike lanes. These are four-wheel vehicles with a big shovel in the front to push snow and slush out of the way. A big thank you to our friends at the Seattle Parks Department, who have been helping our crews drive the skid-steers – it’s no easy job!


What bike lanes are being treated?

These are the protected bike lane locations our hardworking crews are being sent to today. If you see them, give them a wave and a “thank you” – but be sure to give them plenty of space to work!


This is an example of a skid steer, which is the vehicle we use to keep bike lanes clear. Photo courtesy of

Protected Bike Lane Locations:


?2nd Ave

?7th Ave

?Alaskan Way

?Port Side Trail

?Elliot Bay Trail





Check out these maps!

The maps below show which areas our crews will be addressing today to keep these protected bike lanes clear for people biking.


Westlake Snow and Ice Bike Response

Westlake Snow and Ice Response

Downtown Snow and Ice Bike Response

Downtown Snow and Ice Response

To see all existing bike routes across the city, click here to view our SDOT Bike Map. This is a super helpful resource for planning your route.

sdot bike map


It’s still cold out there, Seattle!

If traveling by bike in winter weather, please wear the appropriate cold weather gear and turn your lights on. Give yourself lots of time to reach your destination, start slowing down early, and take your commute SLOW. We want you to reach your destination safely!

We’re keeping a close eye on the weather, as the National Weather Service is predicting from 1-3” of snow today, which will turn into rain in the afternoon. If possible, we encourage you to flex your work schedules and avoid traveling whenever possible. If you do need to travel, please do so slowly and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.


Thanks for your patience as our crews continue to work non-stop to keep people moving safely through winter conditions!