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A new transit pathway on 5th & 6th Avenues will provide more transit capacity & improve travel time & reliability for northbound buses.

New 5th/6th transit pathway coming soon.

A new transit pathway on 5th Ave and 6th Ave from Cherry St to Olive Way will provide more transit capacity and improve travel time and reliability for northbound buses. The King County Metro routes that will use the new transit pathway to access I-5 northbound include: 74, 76, 77, 252, 255, 257, 301, 308, 311, 316. The existing, northbound transit lane on 5th Ave will be extended 2 blocks to Marion St, where it will connect to 6th Ave and continue north to Olive Way.

The pathway will consist of an east side painted bus lane in effect 3 – 7 PM, Monday – Friday. We’ll install 3 new bus stops, widen existing lanes, add right-turn signals, and remove or alter some parking.The new northbound transit pathway will also include new bus stops at Marion St, Union St, and Pike St. By increasing transit capacity on these streets, we can move more people efficiently in the center city during the Seattle Squeeze. Bus service will be outbound only, and mostly in the evening peak period.

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Over the next five years, Seattle’s downtown will be in a state of transition to meet the needs of our growing city and region – #SeattleSqueeze. We’re making changes to our city and to our regional transportation system and help people get where they need to go safely and efficiently. New mobility projects are being developed and constructed to connect communities to downtown with fast, regular service and to create the public spaces our growing region needs.

For more information, tools, and resources on  #SeattleSqueeze, please visit our website!