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DUDE, WHERE’S MY BUS? Check out our new bus map to help with your commute!

Seattle, your bus route is changing. It’s time to prepare.


If you ride one of these routes:


41, 74, 76, 77, 101, 102, 150, 252, 255, 257, 301, 308, 311, 316, 550


You will now get on and off at the new bus stops downtown.

NEW MAP: Bus Stops on 2nd – 6th Avenues.

Get ready for the first commute.

Saturday, March 23 marks the first day where commuters who get on and off their bus in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel will now get on and off their bus on downtown streets. The tunnel is becoming Link light rail-only to support the expansion of the Washington State Convention Center and Link light rail service.


Things are going to feel different downtown.

There will be more buses on downtown streets, more riders getting on and off buses, and a new pathway for buses on 5th Ave and 6th Ave. Get ready and make a plan before you go, Seattle – the #SeattleSqueeze isn’t over yet.

If you can, continue to shift your commute and use different ways besides driving alone to get downtown. Biking, taking transit, walking, using the light rail, or carpooling all continue to be great options and help keep our streets clear and traffic volumes low. It takes a village city!