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Take Via to Transit – Your New Car-Free Commute in Southeast Seattle!


Via to Transit is a convenient shuttle service to & from light rail stations in SE Seattle & Tukwila.


We’ve partnered with King County Metro & Sound Transit to bring you Via to Transit, a convenient shuttle service to and from light rail stations in southeast Seattle and Tukwila.


Via to Transit lets you request on-demand shuttle vans to and from five Sound Transit Link stations: Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello, Rainier Beach, and Tukwila International Boulevard. The service costs and works the same as transferring to or from a Metro bus with an ORCA card.


Download the Via app or call 206.258.7739 to request a ride.


You can use the service to get between most parts of southeast Seattle (and some parts of Tukwila) and these five Sound Transit Link light rail stations:


Southeast Seattle vans run Monday through Saturday from 5 AM to 1 AM and Sunday from 6 AM to midnight.




Tukwila service runs Monday through Friday from 6 to 9 AM and from 3:30 to 6:30 PM.



Via to Transit costs the same as a Metro bus ride, & you can transfer between Via shuttles, Metro buses, & Link light rail.


You must pay with an ORCA card or the Transit Go app (sorry, no cash or paper transfers).


Don’t have an ORCA Card? It’s easy to get one – you can order yours online, by mail, or in person. Visit the ORCA Card website for more info! See if you qualify for free or reduced fares for seniors, people with disabilitiesstudents, or people in need.


It works in four easy steps.


  1. Request a ride on demand using the Via app or call 206-258-7739. Customers do not need to have a smartphone.
  2. Select your pickup and drop-off locations in the defined southeast Seattle and Tukwila service areas and confirm your ride. One end of your trip must be the designated Link light rail station for the service area.
  3. Expect to be picked up within 10 to 15 minutes of your trip request. Your pick-up location may require a short walk. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.
  4. You will likely share a ride with other Metro customers in vehicles that can carry up to six passengers traveling in the same direction.


The year-long pilot project is mostly funded by $2.7 million from the voter-approved Seattle Transportation Benefit District. Sound Transit and King County Metro are also contributing funds toward the project. Sound Transit also successfully applied for a Mobility on Demand Sandbox grant from the Federal Transit Administration to test the effectiveness of providing on-demand ride-share connections to transit stations.


As we continue navigating the #SeattleSqueeze, getting you to transit quickly & easily is another solution.


As we continue navigating the Seattle Squeeze, our new era of tough traffic over the next five years, we want to make sure that we have the newest, most innovative solutions to help people throughout Seattle get to transit. On-demand services like Via to Transit will make it easier for you to take transit, especially if you do not own a car, you prefer not to drive, you live within a long walking distance of a transit hub, or you can’t find open parking spaces near the stations.


Home, work, or school is just a short, on-demand ride away from your Link light rail station with Via to Transit!


Try an on-demand shuttle in West Seattle or Bellevue, too!


Don’t forget: the Ride2 on-demand shuttle service is still available in West Seattle and Eastgate! If you commute or travel to West Seattle or the Eastside, use Ride2 as your on-demand shuttle service to and from the West Seattle Water Taxi dock and the Alaska Junction bus stop or the Eastgate Park & Ride.



Read more about the Via to Transit announcement on King County Metro’s website.