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2.4 Million Transit Trips and Counting Using ORCA Opportunity Cards!

Student on bike waits at crosswalk as students gather near bus stop.

#SeattleDidYouKnow: we provide ORCA cards to high school and middle school students in Seattle’s public schools!


The program, called ORCA Opportunity, launched in August 2018 to provide ORCA cards to high school students at Seattle Public Schools, income-qualified middle school students at Seattle Public Schools, and Seattle Promise Scholars. All participating students receive a free, unlimited 12-month ORCA card. The ORCA Opportunity program is funded through the Seattle Transportation Benefit District.


Students talking in front of bus stop by high school


Students enrolled in ORCA Opportunity have taken more than 2.4 million trips and saved more than $255 on transit this school year!


More than 14,000 middle and high school students have an ORCA card this school year, allowing students to commute safely to school, participate in activities, and gain secure employment.  We’ve seen students use their ORCA cards to ride buses, trains, light rail, water taxis, streetcars, and fast ferries to get to school, jobs, after school activities, and social events, proving that access to transit provides lots of important opportunities to students!


Student waits as Rapid Ride bus approaches in front of Ballard High School


For students who haven’t picked up their ORCA card this school year, there’s still time to get an ORCA card for the summer!

The ORCA cards distributed at the beginning of the school year are valid through August 31st. ORCA cards will be available at schools through June 20, so don’t delay. Students can check with the main office or attendance office to pick up an ORCA card.