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VIDEO: Bike Share Parking – Let’s Make Bike Share Work for Everyone!

Image of bike share bike with text that says "Bike Share Parking - Do the Right Thing!"


We recently teamed up with Rooted in Rights to create a video highlighting the do’s and don’ts of good bike share parking. UPDATE: Our friends at Lime and Jump recently shared our bike share parking video with all of their users! Thanks, Lime and Jump! ??


Seattle, we ? bike share. And we ? you for using it for your adventures.


Bikes parked on a sidewalk in downtown Seattle.


Bike share lets you borrow a bike for a quick errand, a trip to Link light rail, an all-day adventure, and everything in between. You pick up the bikeshare bike closest to you, ride it to where you want to go, and leave the bike for the next person to ride.


It’s pretty awesome. And you’re pretty awesome for using it!


Where you park your bike has a big impact on how we get around.


Bike parked on sidewalk as buses travel along the street and a man checks his phone.


When you’re done with your ride, it’s important to park your bike share bikes correctly. By parking your bike between the sidewalk and the street away from curb ramps, transit stops, or benches, you’re ensuring that everyone, including those with accessibility needs, are able to get around safely and easily.


WATCH: We teamed up with Rooted in Rights to create a video showing the do’s and don’ts of good bike share parking.



Check out Dorian and Jacob as they describe the difficulties of navigating sidewalks that are blocked by bike share bikes, and watch them provide helpful tips on the best places to park your bike share bike. As they say, “don’t be a bike blocker.” ?


Here are a few tips:

  • Park the bike in between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Leave at least six feet clear for people to pass.
  • Do not park on corners, driveways, or curb ramps.
  • Do not block access to buildings, benches, parking pay stations, bus stops, hydrants, etc.


Most importantly, stop and ask yourself before you park: Will this be in someone’s way?

It takes everyone’s help to keep our sidewalks clear. Let’s all look out for each other!


Learn more about our bike share program.


Check out our Bike Share Parking 101 blog post, with even more information on the do’s and don’ts of good bike share parking. Visit our Free-Floating Bike Share program page to learn about bike share in Seattle. To learn more about the awesome work Rooted in Rights is doing, visit