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NE 43rd St Improvements Project Update


Since last fall, we’ve been busy reaching out to the community and meeting regularly with businesses, residents and local groups about the NE 43rd St improvements. 


We collected project feedback through door to door outreach, a public meeting, an online survey, and an ADA focus group. Thanks to all who gave us comments on the four design alternatives. We heard the importance of making this street safe for people who walk, while also maintaining transit connections and loading zones for nearby businesses.


After considering all of the input received, we have selected the design concept to move forward.


The design will be a modified version of Alternative 2: One-way Westbound Transit Only. Here is an overview of how it’s been modified.


  • NE 43rd St between Brooklyn Ave NE and University Way NE — One-way Westbound Transit Only
  • NE 43rd St between University Way and 15th Ave NE — One-way Westbound, open to all vehicles
  • Protected bike land for eastbound bikes; shared lane with buses/vehicles for westbound bikes
  • Widened sidewalks and curbless design
  • Commercial loading zones relocated to University Way NE


The reason for this modified design from University to 15th is to maintain vehicle access to the local post office, the University Bookstore, and the University Temple United Methodist Church. This new design still has a focus on pedestrians since the sidewalks are widening from 12 feet to 16 feet on the south side and from 12 feet to 24 feet on the north side.


The design will move forward with a curbless design in order to focus on comfort and safety for those who walk and other vulnerable users. We envision the future of these two blocks to be built entirely for people who walk and take transit, but we need to recognize the current uses and continue to serve those needs.


In addition to those who walk and take transit, we also know that many people bike through this corridor. 


People traveling by bike in the westbound direction will share the travel lane with buses and a protected bike lane will be provided for those traveling eastbound by bike. In order to increase the safety for people who bike and take transit, commercial load zones will be relocated from 43rd St to University.


This alternative was selected because it provides many benefits.


These benefits include:

  • Increased space for people to walk
  • An efficient transit connection to light rail
  • Decreased vehicular traffic
  • Reduced vehicle conflicts with people
  • A flexible design


As this project moves forward in design, we are committed to engaging with the community and understanding your needs.


We are continuing outreach to residents, community groups, businesses, and institutions in the area for feedback. We’re hosting a public meeting this summer to present more design details and opportunity for input. Stay tuned for further details on date and location!


For more information about this project, visit the website at Questions? Call (206) 256-5458 or email