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Calling All #Orcaheros!


When the ORCA Card program named itself, it opened up some wonderful opportunities for puns and references. The best take? Transportation Choices Coalition and Washington Environmental Council’s new comic meant to raise awareness about protecting our waters: Be an #orcahero this #RideTransit Month.


What do orcas have to do with your morning commute?


Orca whale riding a bicycle

A lot, it turns out. TheTransportation Choices Coalition and Washington Environmental Council are trying to change that.


According to the organization, transportation is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to pollution in the Puget Sound. This happens primarily through stormwater runoff from streets.


And it’s not just about the orcas.


This pollution has a wide range of negative impacts on our ecosystems.


For example, that stormwater problem we mentioned earlier? It can kill salmon in a matter of hours, according to the Puget Soundkeeper.


During #ridetransitmonth, Transportation Choices Coalition and Washington Environmental Council are encouraging folks to give transit a try. Do it for the orcas. And salmon.


Comic panel describing stormwater and pollution


This is the first page of the orca comic. Click here to see the full comic, and do your part by pledging to ride transit this month!


Visit the Stormwater + Transportation webpage for more information.