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New protected bike lane on Bell St will connect Downtown, Belltown, and South Lake Union

Belltown neighborhood showing a cyclist and pedestrians crossing the street

Bell Street intersection

A new protected bike lane is coming to Bell St next year! Construction expected to start in summer 2020. The Bell St Protected Bike Lane will be the final connection in a bicycle network in the north end of downtown. It builds upon the 2nd Ave, 9th Ave N and the Westlake protected bike lanes. The Bell St Protected Bike Lane will complete an “all ages and abilities” network that extends nearly 4 miles through the heart of Seattle connecting Downtown to Fremont.

Bell St is an ideal connection between downtown, Belltown, and South Lake Union. The Bell St Protected Bike Lane Project includes a 2-way protected bike lane, concrete curb barriers with ground plane landscaping, and bike lane markings on Bell St between 5th Ave and Denny Way.

Bell Street Protected Bike Lane Map

Bell Street Protected Bike Lane Map


Because we will be closing off vehicular access onto Bell Street Park from 5th Ave, bicyclists will be able to ride in both directions in a shared space with pedestrians and lowered volume of vehicular traffic. This project does not include bicycle facility markings in Bell Street Park. Bicyclists will have an all ages and abilities network that will connect the 9th Ave N protected bike lane to the 2nd Ave protected bike lane.

Please stop by our drop-in session at 5th Ave and Bell from 4 – 7 PM this Thursday, 9/19 to learn more about the project. Made possible by the Levy to Move Seattle, this project’s goals stemmed from the Bell Street Concept Plan. It aims to create a pedestrian-focused and cohesive corridor along Bell St. Don’t have time to drop by? Share your comments with us by emailing our outreach team at, or (206) 615-0786.