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Let’s work together. It’s time to prepare for Sound Transit’s Link light rail construction.

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Our goal is to keep people moving during Sound Transit’s 10 weeks of light rail construction and reduced Link service. Our team is prepared with small changes to the system to help trains stay on schedule.

Starting Jan. 4, Sound Transit will build new Link light rail tracks connecting International District/Chinatown Station across I-90 to Judkins Park, Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond and it will result in 10 weeks of reduced Link service, commute disruptions and three weekend closures. This Sound Transit project is called Connect 2020. 

Animation of calendar with weekends crossed off. Weekend closures incoming as sound transit works on the light rail and its expansion.

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Remember: It will be a short-term inconvenience for a long-term gain for you & our region. 

We’re making small changes to the system to ensure trains stay on schedule. 

For example, the automatic gates at Royal Brougham Street will close a few seconds sooner so Link trains won’t be slowed down by traffic. 


We’re adding temporary passenger load zones for pick-up and drop-off at Link stations.

We expect more travelers may choose to use a rideshare, so we’re adding more load zones at station areas. 

We added the South End Connection, a protected bike lane that connects 2nd Avenue to the International District/Chinatown Station via Main Street and 5th Avenue S. 

Bikes won’t be allowed between the University Street Station and International District/Chinatown Station during Connect 2020, so we completed the needed pathway to give people with bikes a protected ride between these two stations. 

We’re spreading the word. 

People from the City have been out and about in the Rainier Valley providing information to travelers and businesses in Chinese, Vietnamese, African languages, and Spanish.  If you need translated information, Sound Transit’s Connect 2020 website is available in 10 languages.

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Image of Connect 2020 website via

We’ll monitor traffic 24/7 and make real-time adjustments. 

The Link light rail changes could cause disruptions, but staff in our incident management control center will monitor congestion and traffic cameras 24/7 to make real time adjustments. 

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Try biking on your own bike or using a bike share. JUMP bikes is offering a discount during Connect 2020 – riders simply apply the promotion code “JUMPCON20” to their accounts, and their subsequent rides will be 20 percent off until mid-March. Try using transit (bus, streetcar, monorail, ferries, water taxi, carpool, and/or vanpool – there are lots of options). Maybe you live close enough to walk to your destination. Also, consider talking with your employer about flexing your work schedule or teleworking. Here are a bunch of tools to help you plan your commute. More info on ways to #FlipYourTrip can be found on our website at 

Prepare yourselves. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about Sound Transit’s Connect 2020 project.

There will be three weekend closures. Link light rail service between Capitol Hill and SODO will be closed on the weekends of January 4-5, February 8-9 and March 14-15.  A free bus shuttle will be available to take passengers to each station area.   

Give yourself enough time. Trains will run every 12 minutes. Sound Transit suggests planning an extra 30 minutes into your commute so you can stress less. Spread out on the platform and onboard the trains to avoid overcrowding. Also, it’s likely that during peak weekday commutes both trains and buses in downtown Seattle will see more crowding and delays based on demand.  

Pay attention to signs in the station areas. Platforms for boarding will sometimes differ from regular service. Have a question? Ask a Sound Transit ambassador in a teal vest – they’re there to help.

There will be a train transfer at Pioneer Square Station. You’ll disembark one train and hop on the other across from you using the inner doors and a central platform to continue your light rail ride in either direction.

There will be no bikes allowed at Pioneer Square Station. With hundreds of passengers switching trains at a time, Sound Transit is prohibiting bicycles at the Pioneer Street Station during the duration of the 10-weeks of construction. Southbound riders with bicycles will need to exit at University Street and northbound riders with bicycles will need to exit at International District/Chinatown.


We’re working hard to get you where you need to go. Sound Transit, King County Metro, WSDOT and Seattle Department of Transportation are working together to keep people moving. Awareness is key  the more people who know about the Connect 2020 Link light rail disruptions, the more people can plan around them. Help spread the word so your friends aren’t stuck without a plan.

Subscribe to email or text Link light rail alerts to stay up to date about the weekend closures. Visit Sound Transit for more information about Connect 2020, train schedules, and station closures. Visit our website to help plan your commute and stay informed with all the changes happening from now until 2024. For regional or statewide travel alerts, download the WSDOT App.  Seattle Traffic logo