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Patience is a virtue, & we are grateful you have it! 

Boy waiting via GIPHY

Boy waiting via GIPHY

Is your New Year’s resolution to practice patience? We can tell!

Link light rail trains are running every 13-15 minutes. We know that waiting longer for trains can be a pain, which is why we’re working with Sound Transit to do all we can to make sure trains stay on schedule.

For the most part, we’ve been blown away by Link rider’s patience and generosity to others as they navigate Connect 2020 schedule changes.

Take a deep breath via GIPHY

Take a deep breath via GIPHY

What helps you practice your patience?

Taking deep breaths, knowing that you planned an extra 30 minutes into your commute so you’re not stressed about time, people watching, doing small acts of kindness, drinking extra water, or killing time on your phone?

If you’re like many transit riders, there’s a good chance you’re staring at your phone – maybe even reading this blog post as you wait for a train. If that’s you, take this time that you’re killing to fill out our Seattle Squeeze Survey and let us know how construction in downtown Seattle impacts your commute.

Sal the Salmon wearing earphones and holding a coffee cup while sitting on the Seattle Streetcar.

Tired of waiting for the train? Link light rail might not be your only option to get to work.

Take a look at our #FlipYourTrip resources to learn about alternative commuting options. We have everything you need to know about biking in the city, carpooling, riding public transportation, and even resource to help you talk to your employer about telecommuting.

Puppies running in snow via GIPHY

Puppies running in snow via GIPHY

Next week calls for snow!

Follow @SoundTransit to stay up-to-date with snow-related Link light rail updates, @KCMetroBus for bus updates, and @SeattleDOT for everything traffic and transit related. Check out our Winter Weather Response page and learn how we are preparing for snow.

Remember, Connect 2020 Link light rail disruptions are a short term inconvenience for a long term gain for the region. Thank you for your patience!