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e-Park Signs will go dark on July 1, 2020

We are sad to share that e-Park signs, showing real-time available open spaces at parking garages, will be turned off July 1, 2020.   

e-Park was an SDOT program that started in 2010 to help people find parking faster – limiting the amount of time people circled blocks looking for an open spot and, consequently, reducing traffic build up. It provided wayfinding and real-time parking availability for thousands of spaces at 16 garages in Pioneer Square, the downtown Retail District, Waterfront and Pike Place Market neighborhoods.   

The program was put in place to help people find parking primarily during a time of significant downtown construction impacts to on-street parking, including the Seawall replacement, construction of the SR -99 tunnel and removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, which were substantially complete in 2019. The dynamic overhead signs showing multiple garages, the signs on e-Park garage entrances, and the website will no longer be active as of July 1.   

Funding for e-Park operations was eliminated through a prior City budget action in 2018. SDOT unsuccessfully sought options to transfer the program to another entity to keep the signs up and running.  

The physical signs will remain in place for the time being and may be repurposed in the future.  

Learn more on the e-Park signs website