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Survey & Drop-In Session | Beacon Hill Bike Route

We are building a bike route in segments, from the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge to the intersection of Beacon Ave S and 39th Ave S.

The bike route will be constructed in three segments, and your community input is important at each stage. Segment 1 will extend from Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge to S Spokane St, Segment 2 will cover S Spokane St to S Myrtle St, and Segment 3 will be from S Myrtle to S 39th St.

For Segments 2 and 3 take the survey today and provide feedback on existing neighborhood features and possible design improvements along Beacon Ave S! The survey closes November 18.

On Thursday, November 12, we’re hosting an online drop-in session to introduce you to the project, discuss early planning for Segments 2 and 3, gather your feedback, and answer your questions.

Event Details 
6 to 7:30 PM Thursday, November 12
Link to WebEx event to come via our website!

See below for the public presentation on our plans for Segments 2 and 3.

We are considering a variety of bike improvements, including protected bike lanes and Neighborhood Greenways. Construction is expected to begin in 2023.  For more information on the work, visit our project page.

Map showing Beacon Hill Bike Route. Orange line shows segment 2. Green line shows segment 3.  Segment 1 will extend from Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge to S Spokane St, Segment 2 will cover S Spokane St to S Myrtle St,

In August 2020, we held an online drop-in session to get community input on preferences and priorities for Segment 1 of the new Beacon Hill Bike Route project. Watch that session here.

This project is partially funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.

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