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ADVISORY | Snow and freezing temperatures are in the forecast this week!

A snow-dusted Seattle after a January 2020 snow fall.

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Read all about our winter weather response on this past blog.

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast anticipates impactful amounts of snow for Thursday night into the weekend. During this period, there is the potential for up to 6 inches of snow in the Seattle area.

Additionally, the abnormally cold conditions that began on Tuesday are expected to continue into next week. The coldest temperatures are projected for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The highest temperatures on Friday are expected to be above freezing, which will create the potential for refreezing and black ice.

Here are ways you can prepare for the winter weather this week:

  • Get familiar with Seattle’s snow routes. These are the streets that we prioritize clearing, so they will be the safest way to get where you need to go. Once it snows, use this online Storm Response Map to see real-time updates of which roads SDOT has plowed and live camera feeds of road conditions. 
  • Talk to your neighbors to see who may need help during a storm and make a plan to ensure that all the sidewalks on the block get shoveled. If you can, have a shovel and rock salt (or other environmentally friendly de-icing product) ready. If you’ll need help clearing your driveway and sidewalk, think about who you can ask for help.  
  • Get FREE alerts by text, email, voicemail, and social media from AlertSeattle. For the latest transportation information, follow us on Twitter at @SeattleDOT and check back here on our blog.

For more information and printable copies of our Winter Weather brochure in your language, visit the Winter Weather Response page.

A special advisory for Street Use Permit Holders:

As a precaution for the potential inclement weather, wherever possible, we are asking permittees citywide to secure their job sites, sidewalk cafes, or other permitted uses outside of work or business hours in order to ensure safety, access, and mobility in the right-of-way.

Please remove permitted uses from the street and parking lane and clear any items within 3 feet of the curb such as street furniture, unbolted fencing, canopies, heaters. If you remove your other items, please remember to remove your traffic control devices (barricades and signs) as well. Please be aware that many canopies have limited operations in snow, so please check the guidelines on your individual tents or canopies.  

In the event of snow accumulation, plow operators will be working around the clock to remove snow on key routes. They are working in very difficult conditions and, while they are on the lookout for cars, it is often difficult for them to see other items in the street. 

After it snows, the sidewalks become even more important for people to get around safely. So please help keep Seattle moving safely after it snows by shoveling sidewalks adjacent to your job site, business, or property. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also the law.

The Seattle Department of Transportation and Rooted in Rights partnered to create a video highlighting the importance of clearing snow and ice from sidewalks.