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Temporary Closure of All Public-Facing Customer Service Counters to Combat Spread of COVID-19

Update on May 5, 2020: All public-facing customer service counters will remain closed through May 31st. To protect the health and safety of our staff and customers, and to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19, we will close our public-facing customer service counters starting Monday, March 16. We expect to… [ Keep reading ]

No Street Use Permits: 12PM-March 30 to 10:30AM-March 31

As we mentioned February 8, 2016, SDOT Street Use right-of-way permit rates are changing. It’s the first time rates have increased in five years. The new rate structure will allow us to improve technology, staff levels, and efficiencies. That translates into better service for you. The new rate structure goes into effect… [ Keep reading ]

Permit Applicant Visits–a Few Hundred a Week

Seattle’s construction boom continues along with a surge in permit applications for projects in or near the  right of way (ROW). SDOT’s Street Use Division manages the ROW—space dedicated to public use—in the public interest. That includes coordinating construction that impacts this shared public space. Construction and utility use permit applications account for the… [ Keep reading ]