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SURVEY | Share your feedback on our proposed curbspace & parking changes near the new Roosevelt Station

Future Roosevelt Station scheduled to open on October 2, 2021. Photo credit: SDOT Flickr

It’s happening! Sound Transit announced this month that the Roosevelt Link Light Rail Station is on schedule to open on October 2, 2021!

In preparation for the new station and new travel patterns in the area, we’re proposing updates to some on-street parking near the station. Read on to see them.  

We want to hear from you! Here are ways you can provide feedback on our proposed curbspace & parking changes: 

We’ve studied parking in the area and are proposing the following changes to ensure people who live, work, and visit can reliably access the neighborhood and future station: 

Expand Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) 19 to approximately a half-mile area around the station to prioritize parking for area residents and visitors making short-term stays. 

Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs) help ease parking congestion in residential neighborhoods while balancing the needs of all people to be able to use the public streets. Residents in the zone can obtain permits to park during all hours. Non-permitted vehicles can still park in the area, but must obey the posted time limits. Learn more about RPZs 

Regulations on any newly-added RPZ 19 blocks will match those on existing RPZ 19 blocks, allowing up to 2 hours of parking for non-permit holders, Monday – Friday, 7 am – 7 pm. Residents who wish to park on-street on RPZ blocks for longer than 2 hours will need to purchase a permit. Permits generally cost $65 for a two-year cycle. Income-qualified permits are available for $10 each. More information on the Roosevelt parking webpage

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Photo credit: SDOT Flickr

Add paid parking to the east side of 12th Avenue NE just north of NE 65th Street to provide reliable street parking access for customers to nearby businesses.

Hourly rates for paid parking areas are set with a goal of having one to two spots open per block. This helps provide customers reliable access to support local businesses. Learn more about the data-driven process of how paid parking prices are determined.   

Changes will be made to bus stops that will affect on-street parking and existing loading zones will be reviewed and maintained unless otherwise notified.  

If you would like to request a new loading zone, please contact  

What do you think about our proposed plan? Share your feedback by May 15, 2021.

Live, work, or travel near the UW Station or Northgate Station? We’re working on parking proposals for your neighborhoods too. More information will be available this summer.