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Seattle by Bike: We’ve updated our bike guide with the latest information on bicycling around the city! 

In 2014, we published a bike guide detailing how to get around Seattle by bike.  Given the major bicycle infrastructure investments we’ve made since that time to help strengthen Seattle’s bicycle network, we decided it was time to publish an updated, refreshed 2022 bike guide to help new and experienced cyclists prepare themselves to travel safely and efficiently through the city.  

We’ve expanded existing content in the guide, and added new information based on the latest status our bike-related programs, projects, and initiatives in Seattle. We hope you find the updated guide useful!  

Family biking is one of the few new sections added that includes recommendations on how to introduce children of various ages to riding a bike, and highlights programs offered for Seattle students. With our work on Safe Routes to School, we fund the “Let’s Go” program and encourage alternative transportation options for getting to school such as starting a bike train or using Safe Route maps to find routes that travel along Stay Healthy Streets and Neighborhood Greenways

Image of two adults and three children riding bikes around a traffic circle on a cloudy day.
Family riding bikes on a Safe Routes to School route. Photo: SDOT 

Our new guide also includes instructions on how to fix a flat tire, along with a list of community-based organizations that offer bike repair classes. Seattle is home to many bicycle organizations and bike shops that are dedicated to supporting and educating people during their individual bicycling journeys. The appendix at the end of our guide is a great resource for those looking to begin riding a bike, as well as folks who are already familiar and may be interested in some friendly reminders and best practices.  

We also made sure to update our previous sections to follow the most recent Washington State bike laws and public transportation improvements in Seattle. Check out the refreshed 2022 Seattle by Bike Guide to see all the updates, or visit our bike program website for more information about how we’re working every day to support and improve the experience of bicycling in Seattle. 

A group of nine cyclists riding bikes around Green Lake’s protected bike lane during the day
Cyclists riding along the 2-way protected bike lanes around Green Lake. Photo: SDOT 

This Seattle by Bike Guide and a range of efforts to continually improve Seattle’s bike network are a part of our work towards the City’s climate goal that by 2030, 9 out of 10 personal trips will be carbon emissions free. 

Whether planning a casual bike ride or your daily commute to work, our updated Seattle by Bike Guide has you covered! We hope this guide helps you prepare for your next – or first – bike ride through the city. Thanks for your interest – and have a great ride.