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SDOT Director Greg Spotts highlights climate response plans at Mayor Harrell’s Executive Order signing

Director Spotts shares remarks at a press event on December 7, 2022. Photo courtesy of the Seattle Channel.

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Click on the video clip below to watch Greg’s remarks:

SDOT Director Greg Spotts’ discusses climate and transportation. Video courtesy of the Seattle Channel.

“This is a very exciting day for us at SDOT. There’s been a really great One Seattle approach in developing this Executive Order. At this time, we have to really concentrate our efforts… I’m thinking of new options and new opportunities for Seattleites. The opportunity for a parent who’s not able to drive to drop off their daughter at dance practice or a little league game by bike or by bus. The opportunity to have your city services delivered to you with quiet, clean, zero emissions equipment.”

– SDOT Director Greg Spotts

Graphic highlighting Sustainability as one of SDOT's core values and goals. The graphic includes black and blue background, the word "Sustainability", and a brief description, as well as a yellow recycling icon and the SDOT logo.
Sustainability is one of our core values and goals. Graphic: SDOT.

“There are so many opportunities for placemaking, for community, for togetherness, and for a healthy outdoor lifestyle… At SDOT we’re thrilled to be in a position to more fully realize many of the things that we’ve started, and present it all to Seattleites as a set of great opportunities and options. They’ll not only reduce carbon emissions and air pollution from fossil fuel vehicles, but also actually create a more livable, walkable, bikeable, greener, sustainable, climate-resilient city and set of neighborhoods. We think that can actually make Seattle a more wonderful place to live. Thank you.”

– SDOT Director Greg Spotts

Transportation actions at-a-glance

Equitably Reduce Transportation Emissions:

  • Lead by example and continue to advance toward a 100% zero-emission, fossil-fuel free fleet by 2030, including several pilot projects at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).
  • Continue to invest in a network of bus priority lanes on major arterials through Seattle Transit Measure and Move Seattle Levy, so that as our city grows, transit is a quick, effective way to move around the city.
  • Update the Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan to include a commitment to make up to 20 miles of Healthy Streets permanent and in Q3 SDOT will update the Pedestrian Master Plan Implementation Plan to include a commitment to expand our School Streets program and ensure an all ages and abilities bicycling facility serves every public school.
  • Develop electrification incentives that meet the needs and desires of women and minority business enterprises and small businesses in environmental justice communities.

We will also support community conversations and planning around low-pollution neighborhoods. We expect this to include evaluating and later piloting safer low-traffic streets in several Seattle neighborhoods.

Photo of Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell signing a new executive order. Several City leaders and department heads stand behind the Mayor, while watching him sign the order. The American flag, Washington State flag, and City of Seattle seal are in the background.
Mayor Harrell signing the Executive Order. Photo courtesy of the Mayor’s Office.

We look forward to working to implement this Executive Order and acting bolding to address the critical challenge of climate change.