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Download the Transit GO Ticket app to ride the West Seattle Water Taxi or bus using free credits during the Spokane St Swing Bridge (low bridge) closure

People board the West Seattle Water Taxi at Seacrest dock in West Seattle. Photo credit: King County Metro and Ned Ahrens.


  • Ride transit using app credits: We’re offering free credits for trips on the West Seattle Water Taxi and the bus during the closure of the Spokane St Swing Bridge (low bridge). This program will use the same Transit GO Ticket app as our previous Flip Your Trip rewards program.
  • How to access: The trip credits are available to anyone traveling to or from West Seattle on the water taxi or bus, and support transfers between those modes. Use code LOWBRIDGE23 in the Transit GO Ticket app. See our “how-to” steps below for more detailed guidance.
  • How to keep riding: This temporary code can be used for rides while the Spokane St Swing Bridge is closed for repairs. The trip credits will remain available until the low bridge reopens to people walking, biking, rolling, and driving.
  • Questions? Contact SDOT at 206-400-7511 or For questions about using the Transit GO Ticket app, contact 1-844-202-0082.

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The ongoing closure of the Spokane St Swing Bridge for emergency repairs continues to impact travelers on both sides of the Duwamish Waterway headed to and from West Seattle, especially by biking, rolling, or walking on the low bridge.

To support these people, and help make transit access easier and more affordable, we’ve partnered with King County Metro to make it even easier to ride the bus or West Seattle Water Taxi during this closure. The fares are funded by the Seattle Transit Measure, which was passed by voters in 2020. Thank you, Seattle voters!

Remember, to get your trip credits, download the Transit Go Ticket app and use code LOWBRIDGE23.

How to access bus and water taxi credits during the low bridge closure:

  1. Download the Transit Go Ticket app and create an account.
  2. Click on “Rewards,” select “More,” then click “Promo Code” and enter code LOWBRIDGE23 to get 1,500 points for your next ride.
    1. Please note: there may be a slight delay in these points appearing.  
  3. Tap “Redeem” and then select the free ride of your choice (King County Metro bus or West Seattle Water Taxi).
  4. Go to “View Ticket” and then confirm your order (required).
  5. Then, activate your ticket and show it to your transit operator.
  6. Once your ticket has been used, your 1,500 points will automatically be replenished for your next ride. You’ll continue to earn free tickets while this rewards program is in effect.  
  7. The program will continue as long as the Spokane St Bridge is closed to people walking, rolling, and biking.

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit King County Metro’s Transit GO Rewards webpage.

You can load your bike on the front rack of most King County Metro buses or walk your bike onto the West Seattle Water Taxi. Larger water taxi vessels carry up to 26 bikes for each sailing.

A person in a power wheelchair prepared to board the RapidRide C Line bus to West Seattle. The bus is on the right and people also board the bus in its rear doors, while all doors are open.
A person in a power wheelchair prepared to board the RapidRide C Line bus to West Seattle. Photo: SDOT.

We’d like to thank our transit agency partner at King County Metro for working closely with us to make this service possible and helping to quickly respond to the low bridge closure. We hope you have a smooth ride, whichever type of transit you decide to take.

“Providing an app and code to give free transit to riders accessing West Seattle is a great way to support mobility during the temporary closure of the Spokane Street Bridge. We’re grateful to our friends at King County Metro for their partnership in addressing this challenge.”

– SDOT Director Greg Spotts

“We’re pleased to partner with the City of Seattle to offer riders reliable transit alternatives while the Lower Spokane Street Bridge is under repair. We hope this makes their travel a little easier between West Seattle and downtown.”

– King County Metro General Manager Michelle Allison

We’ve offered similar programs to support transit riders in the recent past, including the Flip Your Trip campaign that was active during much of the 2 ½ year closure of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge.

If you’re interested in the improved bike detour route, please read our latest blog post for more details.

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