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New on-street paid parking rates spring into effect this Monday, March 27

Parked cars in downtown Seattle. Photo: SDOT.

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  • Starting Monday, March 27, new on-street paid parking rates will take effect in Seattle.
  • This regular seasonal update is based on the latest available street parking data collected and analyzed in January.
  • Our goal is for one or two open parking spaces to be open on each block. This supports businesses and helps drivers find parking without circling the block multiple times.
  • With an increase in parking activity, rates will be changing in most business districts with paid parking.
  • A few key highlights include:
    • Parking rates are not increasing in about one-third of places and times.
    • The largest parking rate increase is $1.00 per hour.
    • In general, many rates remain lower than they were before the pandemic, particularly in and around downtown Seattle.
    • For example, in First Hill, rates were $5.00 per hour in early 2020, and now range from $2.00 to $3.50 per hour, depending on the time of day.
  • This is the first adjustment of 2023. We plan to analyze parking conditions again this summer and fall for additional changes. We made three rate adjustments in 2022 – in spring, summer, and fall.

On Monday, March 27, rate adjustments to Seattle’s on-street paid parking will take effect at locations throughout the city. This seasonal adjustment is part of our regular process to help ensure enough parking is available, based on the latest real-world usage data and seasonal trends.

Overall, parking activity has been increasing since last year, and the new rates reflect the urban economic activity. Many paid areas of the city will see a rate increase in the afternoon and evening, while morning periods are holding steady or decreasing and rates tend to be low, mostly at $0.50 or $1.00 per hour.

Did you know?

On-street parking fees support the City’s general fund, which helps us invest in a wide variety of safety and mobility improvements, bridge safety, bike and pedestrian infrastructure upgrades, and more.

One way to improve your parking experience with pay stations is to sign up for Benefits include registering your card to skip entering your license plate at the machine and accessing your parking history for up to two years, including printing receipts as needed. Using the mobile PayByPhone app continues to be another way to pay for on-street parking.

Please see the table below of the rates in the morning, afternoon, and evening in all paid areas, as of March 27. You can visit our paid parking web page for more information about rates in all our paid neighborhoods. All parking rates are also shown on an interactive map on our website.

12th Avenue$0.50$2.50$3.50
Ballard – Core$0.50$3.50$3.00
Ballard – Edge$0.50$2.00$2.50
Ballard Locks (winter)$0.50$0.50N/A
Belltown – North$0.50$2.00$1.50
Belltown – South$0.50$4.00$1.50
Capitol Hill – North$0.50$3.00$2.50
Capitol Hill – South$0.50$3.00$4.50
Cherry Hill$1.00$1.50$0.50
Chinatown/International District$0.50$4.50$4.00
Columbia City$0.50$2.50$3.00
Commercial Core – Financial$1.50$3.00$0.50
Commercial Core – Retail$1.00$3.00$1.50
Commercial Core – Waterfront$1.50$3.50$2.50
Denny Triangle – North$1.00$5.00N/A
Denny Triangle – South$0.50$5.00$4.00
First Hill$2.00$3.50$3.00
Green Lake$2.00$4.00$2.50
Pioneer Square – Core$0.50$3.00N/A
Pioneer Square – Edge$1.00$2.00N/A
South Lake Union – North$1.00$2.00N/A
South Lake Union – South$1.50$3.50N/A
University District – Core$0.50$4.50$2.00
University District – Edge$1.00$2.00N/A
Uptown – Core$0.50$1.00$1.00
Uptown – Edge$0.50$3.00$2.50
Uptown Triangle$0.50$2.00N/A
Westlake Ave N – North$0.50$1.00N/A
Westlake Ave N – South$1.00$1.50N/A
On-street paid parking rates as of Monday, March 27, 2023. N/A stands for Not Applicable.
Parked cars line the street in downtown Seattle. Plants, street lights, trees, and large buildings, as well as scooters and bikes, are in the background.
Parked cars in downtown Seattle. Photo: SDOT.

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