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Travel Advisory: Light rail service disruption through Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel 

A Link light rail train waits for passengers to board at Roosevelt Station. Photo: SDOT 

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  • Damage at Westlake Station caused by street-level construction has resulted in a two-week emergency service disruption to allow Sound Transit to further investigate and make repairs. 
  • Passengers traveling through the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel should expect additional travel time to reach their destinations. Plan for delays or choose other ways to travel, like biking and scooting, riding Metro bus services, or riding the First Hill Streetcar. 
  • Trains are single tracking between Westlake Station and Stadium Station until further notice. Transfer required at Pioneer Square Station.
  • Trains are operating every 15-20 minutes.

Over the next two weeks, passengers traveling through the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel should expect additional travel time to reach their destinations. 

Last Tuesday, a construction crew attempting to remove a clock at street level broke through the roof of the tunnel at Westlake station. After investigating, Sound Transit determined that an emergency service disruption is necessary for the safety of passengers.  

The 1 Line light rail trains are traveling on a single track between Westlake Station and Stadium Station until further notice, due to emergency maintenance. All trains from Angle Lake and Northgate are currently terminating at Pioneer Square. Riders continuing beyond Pioneer Square will need to transfer between trains. Trains will hold 3 to 5 minutes for passengers to complete the transfer.

Trains are running every 15 to 20 minutes at all stations.

All trains at Westlake, University Street, and International District/Chinatown are boarding at a single platform. Follow signs saying “All Trains” and be mindful of destination signs on the trains to ensure you are boarding the correct train.

We encourage passengers to seek alternative service options and plan ahead for additional travel time.

Updates on light rail service can be found on Sound Transit’s service alerts page

Other options to get around during the service disruption:

  • General information on navigating the service disruption is available on Sound Transit’s website and King County Metro blog.
  • Passengers who need to travel between Westlake Station and Stadium Station can take ST Express bus routes 590 or 594 and King County Metro bus routes 101, 124, 150. Northbound riders into Downtown can board at the bus stop on the SODO Busway at S Royal Brougham Way directly next to Stadium Station, and southbound riders towards SODO can board at stops along 2nd Avenue Downtown (however, note the impacts to parts of 2nd Avenue the weekend of April 29, detailed below). 
  • Passengers needing to travel to and from Capitol Hill Station are suggested to take King County Metro bus route 60 between Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill stations (runs every 10 min).
  • Ticket holders for events at Climate Pledge Arena are advised to take the Route 8 bus from Capitol Hill Station, the RapidRide D Line from 3rd Avenue in Downtown Seattle or King County Metro bus routes 1011 and 49, which connects to the Seattle Monorail.
  • The First Hill Streetcar can transport passengers to destinations between Capitol Hill Station and Pioneer Square (S Jackson St at Occidental Mall and at 5th Ave S).   
  • Bike and scooter shares may be another option for people traveling shorter distances. 

Additional travel impacts in the area

  • 8 AM Saturday, April 29 to 5 PM Sunday, April 30: 2nd Ave between Union and Pine streets will be closed to vehicles to allow the Waterfront Seattle program to install new concrete crosswalks on the north and south sides of the intersection at Pike Street. Please follow posted signs and signals for detours.  
  • 11:55 PM Saturday, April 29 to 7 AM Sunday, April 30: Due to planned WSDOT construction work, Southbound I-5 between Yesler Way and Pine Street in Seattle will be closed. Traffic will be diverted using the southbound collector-distributor lanes. 
  • Monday, May 1: A May Day march is expected to start at the Federal Building on 2nd Avenue and continue into Downtown Seattle. The Seattle Police Department is monitoring and will provide traffic control as needed. 
  • Monday, May 1 through Sunday, May 7: The Seattle Streetcar South Lake Union Line will be closed for maintenance and repairs.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and flexibility during this transit service disruption.