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Food Business Roadshow – Round 2!

The Seattle Office of Economic Development coordinated the City’s first “Food Business Roadshow” earlier this year – an opportunity for aspiring food-business entrepreneurs to ask questions of various city and state agencies. It was such a great success, a second Food Business Roadshow was held in June – and also turned… [ Keep reading ]

Improvements Coming to the 6th Ave W Shoreline Street End

Seattle has 149 streets that end at the water’s edge. And while cars must stop when the road does, the areas between the end of the pavement and the water are often valuable spaces for community to gather and for wildlife to thrive. They are places where neighbors can meet,… [ Keep reading ]

Access Seattle: Keeping the Right of Way Accessible to All

Seattle continues to grow and neighborhoods across the city are being impacted by dense construction. SDOT’s Access Seattle crews conduct reviews, in addition to regularly scheduled inspections, of construction sites to assess their impact on pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. We work with contractors to maintain right-of-way code, enforce when necessary, and educate about the importance of accessibility for all. The Access team… [ Keep reading ]

From Pavement to Parks

Last summer, SDOT began exploring the idea of converting underutilized portions of city streets into vibrant community spaces. These projects, known as Pavement to Parks projects, are designed to both increase roadway safety and bring communities together using low-cost, adaptable treatments. With density increasing all around the city, these small… [ Keep reading ]

Improving Seattle One Street End at a Time

Seattle is surrounded by water – Lake Washington, Lake Union, Puget Sound, and other waterways – resulting in more than 200 miles of magnificent shoreline. That much shoreline also means that 149 public streets in Seattle end on waterfronts.  These “shoreline street ends” are precious community assets that should be preserved for public use – that’s where SDOT’S Shoreline… [ Keep reading ]

Pike Street Pedestrian Pilot Update

In August 2015, SDOT’s Street Use Division collaborated with the Seattle Office of Economic Development (OED), Seattle Police Department (SPD), Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, and Capitol Hill Eco District to pilot a series of temporary, pedestrian-only closures of Pike Street on Capitol Hill. The closures, aimed at making the… [ Keep reading ]

Pavement to Parks Project Now Open Along the 17th Ave NW Greenway!

SDOT crews have recently finished work on the Pavement to Parks project at the intersection of 17th Ave NW and NW Dock Pl in Ballard. The project repurposes excess intersection space to improve safety for users of the 17th Ave NW Greenway while also providing a new public open space… [ Keep reading ]

REMINDER: Right-of-Way Permit Rates Are Changing

SDOT Street Use right-of-way permit rates are changing this Thursday, March 31. In the midst of Seattle’s development surge, right-of-way permit rates have remained the same for five years in a row. This has led to deferred service enhancements and backlogs as Street Use Permit Services now reviews, inspects, and issues… [ Keep reading ]