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We filled 15,000 Potholes in 2020 – and continue to fill more this year!

Summary: In 2020 we filled roughly 15,000 potholes, including nearly 1,600 potholes in West Seattle and nearby Duwamish Valley neighborhoods. Winter storms are hard on our roads and contribute to new potholes forming. Our crews have been hard at work filling potholes this winter and will continue to fill them as they are reported. Last year we responded… [ Keep reading ]

Another choreographed snow response! Thank you to everyone who helped keep our sidewalks clear of snow & ice last week!

Remember that thick blanket of snow we woke up to last week? On February 13, Seattle had the snowiest day in over 50 years! (Not to get confused with the snow record set 2019 when Seattle had the snowiest February in over 50 years.) For many, the snow was a… [ Keep reading ]