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Awake to a New Aurora

Created by Zach Bohnenkamp, John Osgood and Kevin Sullivan of Seattle Mural Art

On Tuesday, March 23rd, more than 70 people gathered for the unveiling of Seattle Mural Art’s latest masterpiece located in a storefront on Aurora Avenue North.  The mural, funded by Sustainable Green Lake and Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN), was installed to help Aurora gain a competitive edge in tough economic times by attracting businesses and creating an atmosphere where people want to walk and bike. 

The mural features the theme “Awake to a New Aurora” with a vibrant scene transitioning from green space to a rising sun backdropped with the view of the downtown cityscape as seen from the Aurora Bridge. 

Walk, bike, or ride on over to 7615 Aurora Avenue North to check out the new art and click here to see more photos.