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40 Ways to Go!

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by driving less. Transportation is the biggest contributor to global warming in Seattle and the state of Washington. If everybody in the city drove 2,000 fewer miles a year, we would meet our climate goals by 2012. Here are 40 ideas to help save the planet and change the way you go:

  1. Walk
  2. Bike
  3. Roller blade
  4. Skateboard
  5. Scooter
  6. Bus
  7. Light rail
  8. Streetcar
  9. Sounder Commuter rail
  10. Monorail
  11. Amtrak
  12. Ferry
  13. Watertaxi
  14. Vanpool
  15. Carshare
  16. Employer’s shuttle bus
  17. Combine trips
  18. Eliminate trips
  19. Telework
  20. Teleshop
  21. Compressed work week
  22. Taxi
Get Creative

  1. Form a walking school bus
  2. Sell one of your cars—or your only car
  3. Find a carpool partner on Rideshareonline
  4. Find a bike buddy on Rideshareonline
  5. Sign up for Cut a Couple Car Trips
  6. Sign up for the One Less Car Challenge
  7. Take a pledge to bike more
  8. Join Zipcar so you can leave your car at home
  9. Add OneBusAway to your mobile device
  10. Walk to the store
  11. Grow your own food and herbs  and reduce the number of trips to the store
  12. Subscribe to the “Way to Go” newsletter for tips and tools to drive less
  13. Inspire a friend to walk, bike or use transit
  14. Travel in a way you’ve never traveled before (e.g. ride the streetcar, bike along Elliot Bay, take a train ride to Vancouver or Portland)
  15. Combine exercise with an errand
  16. Go to the library. Choose a book.  Bring book on bus.  Read book.
  17. Get a job closer to home
  18. Find a way other than driving alone to get to Summer Street events