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Network Upgrade in Progress

New Bike Lane Approaching King Street Station

Implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan is off and rolling in 2010. SDOT’s Bicycle Program recently completed the first three projects of the season with the goal of installing 20 miles of new bike facilities this year.

The Bicycle Master Plan envisions a 450 mile network of on-and off-street bicycle facilities that connect all parts of Seattle.  And these first three projects are all about connectivity.

The first project, on S Alaska St between MLK and Rainier Ave S, completed an importation connection between Columbia City and LINK Light Rail by providing new bike lanes in both directions.

Bike Lanes on S Alaska St

A short but important bike lane was installed on 3rd Ave S between the 2nd Ave Extension and S Jackson St.  This new route, pictured at the top of this page, connects to Bikestation Seattle which provides secure bike parking, bicycle related services, and access to public transportation at King Street Station and the Metro Transit tunnel. 

The third project installed an eastbound climbing lane and westbound sharrows on E Aloha St between 10th Ave E and 12th Ave E.  This project linked existing bike facilities on 10th Ave E and 12th Ave E and extended bicycle facilities on E Aloha St.

New Facilities on E Aloha St

Stay tuned to the SDOT Blog for updates on our progress!