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Earth Day Every Day

Tommorrow is Earth Day, and as the saying goes ” Every Day is Earth Day” here at SDOT.   What we do, and how we do it, has a big impact both locally and globally.  We also recognize that environmental stewardship is not only the right thing to do; it’s a good business practice and saves money.  We have a cute logo for our environmental efforts, called GreenDOT. 

What are we up to this year to make a differerence?  One GreenDOT target for 2010 is to maintain the great fuel savings we achieved last year. Pollution from vehicles is a big contributor to global warming.  So far we’ve used 7% less fuel in the first quarter 2010 than in the same period last year (and we used 8% less fuel last year than the year before, saving $70,000).  The rest of our todo list can be found on our GreenDOT website

If you’d like to know about the many ways you can change your travel habits and help reduce your carbon footprint both on and off the job, please take a look at the WaytoGo newsletter at: