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Walk and Smell the Flowers

Do you find yourself out and about more these days, enjoying the extra sunlight, smelling the flowers, and just strolling around your neighborhood? Are you thinking you should do more walking to get some exercise and see your neighbors?

Well, there are a lot of great walking maps of Seattle neighborhoods that can make your walks even more fun.

The Pedestrian Master Plan includes links (right sidebar) to some short walks submitted by Seattle residents as well as to walking maps produced by Public Health – Seattle and King County. The the non-profit group Feet First has developed a collection of maps as part of their Neighborhoods on Foot series, most of which you can download for free. For example, Ballard’s walking map features handy things like coffee shops and bathrooms and fun things like viewpoints and cool artwork. The map for the area around Children’s Hospital expands your horizons.
In addition, SDOT will publish a citywide recreational walking map early this summer, which will collect all of these great walks in one place. Stay tuned…