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The Inclined Plane in Action

It has long been known that the inclined plane provides a mechanical advantage by reducing the amount of force needed to move an object vertically.  So how does this related to transportation you ask?  Well, most of us don’t realize that we use this simple machine every day when we ascend or descend the ramps that link the sidewalk to street.

As previously reported here, SDOT is busy installing inclined planes, which we call curb ramps, throughout the city.  As a result, we are creating a barrier-free environment for all and improving our pedestrian system in the process. 

SDOT crews will focus much of their efforts on Aurora Avenue North this summer.  More than 30 new ramps will be installed to ease access to transit and local businesses.  These new ramps will be constructed between N 85th St and N 100th St.

Inclined Planes Coming Soon!

But Aurora isn’t the only place where you’ll see new inclined planes popping up.  Our crews will be installing these ramps from 14th Ave S to 20th Ave E to 33rd Ave W this year.  So whether you’re travelling via wheelchair, pushing a stroller, or carting groceries back home, be thankful for the inclined plane.