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In Case You Haven’t Heard

7th Avenue Before

7th Avenue After

Maybe you’ve read about our new buffered bike lanes on blogs like Publicola or perhaps you’ve had a chance to bike 7th Avenue over the past few weeks.  If not, there’s a lot to like about the city’s newest bicycle facilities. 

In our ongoing effort to implement the Bicycle Master Plan, SDOT recently completed installing distinctive new bike lanes on 7th Avenue from Denny Way to Virginia St.  The new facilities connect the downtown core with existing bicycle lanes on Dexter Avenue. 

In order to accommodate these facilities, SDOT adjusted the number of vehicle travel lanes on 7th Avenue from two in each direction to one and the new 7th Avenue includes a number of features to improve the roadway for all travelers.

First, the new six foot wide bike lanes are separated from vehicular traffic by a two-foot wide painted buffer.  This buffer provides cyclists with added protection from vehicles and makes riding more comfortable for many cyclists. 

In addition, new green bike lanes have been provided at key intersections along the corridor. SDOT installs green bike lanes at intersections where there may be conflicts between motorists who are turning and cyclists who are going straight.  The green bike lanes provide a visual cue to motorists to expect to see a bicycle.  “Yield to Bicycles” signs are posted in advance of these intersections.   

Green Bike Lanes

Another feature unique to 7th Avenue is the sharrows at the intersection with Westlake Avenue.  At this location, the bike route intersects the Seattle Streetcar and sharrows guide bicyclists over the tracks at a 90 degree angle.

Follow the Sharrows

For more information about our 2010 bike lane projects, click here.