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Intensive Care of Giant Sequoia Continues

Hertz donated the use of their telescopic boom so Urban Forestry staff could inspect top of tree.


Urban Forestry get up close and discover good news!

  Donated Equipment Enables Tree-top Inspection

This past week, the effort to rejuvenate the ailing Downtown Seattle Sequoia at Fourth Avenue and Stewart Street, which is managed by the SDOT,  continued to inspire a generous spirit among private sector business owners serving the Pacific Northwest.  Hertz Equipment Rental made the latest donation.  Hertz set up their Genie 125 Self-Propelled Telescopic Boom for use by SDOT Urban Forestry, entirely free of charge, for an inspection of the tree top. The 125 foot boom height allowed SDOT’s expert Urban Forestry staff to take a closer look at the crown of the Sequoia without damaging the tree. 

This undertaking follows a first phase of work to bolster the health of the tree was performed on June 10 by SDOT Urban Forestry and Seattle Public Utilities.  At that time the soil was amended  in the triangle supporting the tree located at the intersection of Fourth Avenue, Olive Way, and Stewart Street.  That effort, which was based on a consultant recommendation donated by nationally renowned Landscape Architect, James Urban, utilized compost donated by Cedar Grove Compost.

Encouraged by foliage color (a more intense shade of green signifying improved health and vigor) since the soil reconditioning, this follow-up work include inspection of the top branches as well as pruning and bracing of a branch to direct growth. The goal is to encourage growth to re-establish a central leader, the top of tree, that was broken off several years ago in a high wind storm event.