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This Map is Made for Walkers!


SDOT's newest map helps you discover Seattle on foot!

Planning to get out and walk for fun and/or exercise?  Now SDOT has a map just for you!  The Seattle Walking Map was designed to help you choose a walking route that best suits your interests and fitness level. Now there’s no reason  not to get out and explore Seattle. Whether you are new to Seattle or have lived here forever, the map will help you view the city up close and personal.

The routes identified on the map come from a variety of sources including Feet First, King County, and SDOT and include routes that follow sidewalks, shoulders on quiet streets, and park trails. This new series of city walking maps divides Seattle into three sections: north, central, and south. Adjoining sections of the map include a limited amount of overlap, should your route cross from one section to another.

To help you plan your excursion, all of the routes and paths on the map have been labeled with the approximate amount of time in minutes it will take to walk each segment based on the distance to be covered. These estimates do not account for the steepness of the street or  the physical condition of the walker, so some routes may take more or less time than suggested.

Seattle streets vary in slope from flat (or almost flat) to very steep. Those streets with a steeper grade have been colored yellow on this map. If you want to follow an easy route, avoid those streets with yellow shading; if you’re up for a more challenging and varied route, the yellow streets are for you!