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SDOT Installs City’s First Bike Box

New bike box increases visibility and awareness; makes road safer for cyclists and drivers.

SDOT just installed the city’s first bike box at E Pine Street eastbound at 12th Avenue.  As part of the Bicycle Master Plan, SDOT will add more boxes this year at E Madison Street eastbound and westbound at 12th Avenue, and Seventh Avenue S northbound at S Dearborn Street. 

A nationally used safety feature, the bike box increases awareness and visibility of cyclists; helping cyclists make safer intersection crossings, especially when drivers are turning right and bicyclists are going straight; and encouraging cyclists to make more predictable approaches to and through an intersection. 

How do they work?  When the traffic signal is yellow or red, motorists must stop behind the white line at the rear of the bike box and cyclists should enter the box itself. When the light turns green, motorists and cyclists may move through the intersection as usual, with cyclists going first. Motorists turning right on green should signal and watch for cyclists to the right, especially in the green bike lane of the intersection. New signage will help motorists and cyclists understand the new roadway feature. No right turns on red are allowed at these intersections.