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You Pilot. We Navigate. Part One.

Dynamic Message Signs will display point-to-point travel times starting Monday!

(Part one of a two day series.  Check back Monday for part two.)

Seattle commuters – meet your new best friends.  Actually, you’ve probably already met.  Most commuters have seen our Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) in action – alerting drivers to bridge openings, construction closures, and special events throughout the city.  But next week, we’re taking DMS to the next level.

On the morning of Monday, October 18th, our fleet of Dynamic Message Signs will start displaying Arterial Travel Times during the AM and PM peak traffic hours.  The signs will display point-to-point travel times between two pre-selected locations on an arterial street. 

Most metropolitan areas utilizing traveler information systems generate arterial travel times using generalized averages and estimates.  Seattle will deliver accurate, reliable travel times based on up-to-the-minute data.  This provides the public with the confidence to utilize travel time information in choosing the best possible route to their destination; thus reducing pollution, fuel consumption, commute times, and generally improving the quality of life in Seattle.

Starting Monday arterial travel times will be posted on Dynamic Message Signs in the following locations:

4th Ave S & S Spokane St

Fauntleroy Way SW & SW 38th St

35th Ave SW & SW Snoqulamie St

Admiral Way SW & SW 34th St

1st Ave S & S Bennett St

Holman Rd & 14th Av  NW

Travel times will also be available via our Travelers Information Map next week.  Be sure to visit the SDOT Blog on Monday for details.