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Better Transit Service for Chinatown/ID & Southeast Seattle

In October, Seattle’s Bridging The Gap voter-approved funds partnered with Metro to pay for new service on Metro’s Route 7, a key transit corridor connecting downtown and the Chinatown / International District to neighborhoods throughout southeast Seattle extending to Rainer Beach. Extra bus trips were added in the evening and Sundays filling in gaps so that buses come every 10-15 min., seven days a week, 18 hours a day—similar to the frequency of light rail. Route 7 is one of Metro’s busiest routes – and now it’s more convenient than ever. The new service is funded through 2015.

To compliment the new service Bridging The Gap is also funding capital improvements at 19 bus stops along the 6.7 mile Route 7 from S Jackson St. to Rainer Beach. Currently under construction, the waiting areas will be expanded by several hundred square feet with new pedestrian lighting , shelters and decorative concrete stamping. Wider sidewalks at stops will prevent buses from getting stuck pulling into heavy traffic which will speed boarding and unloading cutting down travel time by more than 10 percent. The pictures below show current construction at the new stops that will be completed in December. These efforts are part of SDOT’s commitment to make it easier to walk, bike and ride transit throughout Seattle.