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Walking in Seattle

N 130th St and Aurora Ave N

Over the past week, the Walking in Seattle Blog has explored the pedestrian experience along one of our city’s busiest arterials – Aurora Avenue North.  From the Battery Street Tunnel to the city limits at North 145th Street, Aurora carries a heavy volume of vehicles ranging from 35,000 vehicles per day near 145th to nearly 86,000 vehicles per day near the downtown core.   

Equally as impressive is the amount of pedestrian activity along Aurora.  On any given day, a casual observer would notice walkers traveling along and across Aurora on their way to local businesses, local schools, the busiest park in the state (Green Lake), or to catch the bus.  In fact, transit riders flock to bus stops along Aurora to board Metro’s Route 358, one of the busiest bus routes in the region.      

Head on over to the Walking in Seattle Blog to check out their two part series on Aurora.  Part 1 explores collisions on Aurora and Part 2 highlights our efforts to make Aurora a safer, friendlier roadway.