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Northgate Project Awarded a $4.5 Million Grant

SDOT was thrilled to learn today that our Northgate improvement project was awarded a $4.5 million state grant to help address traffic issues on this key corridor.  The funds come from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board through its Urban Arterial Program and will help us relieve congestion, enhance safety and improve roadway conditions.

As many of us know, the intersection of NE Northgate Way and Fifth Ave NE has significant traffic congestion during peak periods due to the high volume of westbound vehicles turning left to go south. Queuing from this traffic regularly blocks driveways and through traffic, delaying significant numbers of buses and trucks, and prevents easy access to retail establishments throughout the Northgate area.

When combined with $4.65 million in Bridging the Gap levy funds, these grant funds will support:  

-Widening the intersection of NE Northgate Way and Fifth Ave NE to accommodate an additional westbound to southbound left turn lane

-Enhancing the intersection of NE Northgate Way and Fifth Ave NE with a new sidewalk, curb ramps and decorative crosswalks

-Extending the right-turn lane on Fifth Ave NE at NE Northgate Way for northbound traffic turning east

-Reconstructing 1.4 miles of pavement on N 105th St/N Northgate Way from Greenwood Ave N to First Ave NE

-Building on NE Northgate Way two landscaped medians between Meridian Ave N and I-5, and one west of Fifth Ave NE   

-Upgrading 12 signalized intersections along the corridor with new controller cabinets and pedestrian countdown signals  

-Adding dynamic message signs, roadway cameras, vehicle detection and travel time readers, and linking them to SDOT’s Traffic Management Center

-Installing new wayfinding signage to I-5

These grant dollars help fully fund this work, which is scheduled to be designed next year and completed by the end of 2013.