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Fir or Spruce? Real or Artificial? Flocked or Metallic? How About A Living Tree?

Selecting a live Christmas tree has a many benefits: You’ll save a tree from the dump or the wood chipper, you’ll be investing your money in something you can celebrate and enjoy all year, and you’ll be doing your part to help rebuild Seattle’s tree canopy.

Increasing Seattle’s tree canopy is a key element in the city’s goals for reducing its carbon footprint.   According to SDOT’s City Arborist, Nolan Rundquist, Evergreen (Christmas) trees are the best trees for increasing the city’s canopy. He explains that since these trees are green year-round, they keep doing their work year-round :  purifying the air, reducing run-off, adding beauty to your yard and providing habitat for wildlife.  If you decide to go LIVE, Rundquist suggests you check out what your nearby nursery has to offer in the way of potted evergreen trees and be sure you have the adequate space in which the  tree can grow.

Steve Nix, who says planting a live tree is a great way to make the holiday special and to commemorate that time, offers easy-to-follow steps on his website.  Selecting a tree at the last minute is not recommended because you need to allow up to ten days for gradually acclimating it to the indoors.  Nix provides all the guidance you need to care for a live Christmas tree. By following his instructions, you’ll be able to keep your tree healthy and then properly plant the tree outdoors once the holidays come to an end.