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What to do with all that stuff?

If you’re moving in or out, you may have discovered the convenience of a portable storage unit. However, what the portable storage unit companies don’t always tell you is that you need a Street Use permit if you are going to put the unit in the public right-of-way. Public right-of-way is more than the street next to the curb; it can also be a driveway, or even a planting strip.

Your storage unit must be placed adjacent to your residence or property. If you lack such a space and have to place the unit across the street, you must obtain documentation from that property owner showing that you have notified them when you apply for a permit. Also, you can’t block the path of pedestrians or use the sidewalk. Units vary in size from 4’x 5’ up to 8’ x 30’. Your storage unit must not be larger than 8’ wide in order to meet travel lane safety requirements. Length of intended storage and details of your intended location must be provided in order for SDOT to review your request before issuing you a permit.

SDOT recently published a Client Assistance Memo (CAM) #2118 which takes you through the steps of obtaining a storage unit permit. SDOT has posted the helpful CAM on the Street Use website. Scroll down and click on CAM #2118 to view the information. You will find all the details you need to get started on your storage action plan. Happy moving!